HHCOS Steinway Appeal

The Haddo Steinway Restoration The Steinway Model C Grand Piano was given to Haddo House Choral & Operatic Society (HHCOS) in 1980 by the late June Gordon, Marchioness of Aberdeen and Tremair. After thirty three years, time and use had taken their toll and the Haddo Steinway was in need of complete overhaul and restoration. In March 2013, HHCOS launched a successful appeal to raise £33,000 to restore the instrument to full concert condition. The Steinway underwent complete restoration, returning to Haddo on 19 December 2013. International pianist Kathryn Stott performed the first recital on the newly restored instrument on 24 January 2014.

HHCOS also thanks the following people and organisations for their donations towards the restoration:

Ledingham Chalmers Charitable Trust, Alan & Kathleen Cox, Ann Gardner, Logan Hadden, Nicola Hadden, Haddo Children’s Theatre, Mary Kirkwood, James Kyle, Anne MacNair, Catriona McIlwraith, Margaret H McInnes Trust, Minto Branding, Anne Presley, Mr & Mrs D J Risk, Harry J. Webb, Mrs Robert Wolrige Gordon of Esslemont, Ythan Community Council, Louisa Innes.

In addition to the sponsors and donors, HHCOS is grateful to the National Trust for Scotland for in kind support for the project.

HHCOS gratefully acknowledge a grant of £10,000 from Udny Community Trust Company Ltd.

Last updated: August 11th, 2016